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Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Chamze » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:20 am

A. Basic Information

Name? Nadir Alagic
Age? Gender? Occupation? 19, Male, skojare på heltid.
Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from. As I wrote it before my name is Nadir Alagic and I live in a city called Borås. I'm a huge football fan, but who isn't when you have amazing teams like Inter? However, during my freetime I like to play HoN, SC2, CS and sometimes WoW. Some people call me 5kg, don't ask why.

B. System Information

What are your system specs?
I have a decent computer, 2gb graphics card, 8 gb RAM and shit like that.
Do you have any objections to speaking on mumble when needed? Well I'm a bit shy at start but I think I can handle it ye.
Any disconnection problem at all? Average Latency while raiding? Average FPS during a boss encounter?
Post a speed test from

Sometimes when I fail I blame lag, but I lie.

C. Raiding and Character information

1. Character Name | Spec | Class | Race (Alliance Race upon acceptance) Chamze, Assassination, Rogue, Panda.

2. What is your raiding experience Pre-BC? In BC? WoTLK? Specify the guilds you were in/leadership role/responsibility. Wrath of the Lich King

Oh dear, alright. First of all, yeah buddy I'm a WOTLK-baby. I actually dinged my first 80 pretty much the same day as Call of crusade released (patch 3.2, ToC), I played a warrior called Kádir on a server called Shattered Hand. I was noob who really wanted to taste the raiding so I sat down hours and hours playing to really learn my class and to enter my first raid. I rememer that I was in a guild called Valhalla and we were pretty bad during ToC. We killed 4/5 Togc 10 man and 1/5 togc 25 man. At that time I even stepped up to be Valhallas main tank. Patch 3.3 (Fall of the Lich King) released and we actually decided to massinvite people to get some quick progress and we managed to kill Lady deathwhisper Pre nerf (the nerf came pretty fast) and we killed Saurfang as well before they released next wing, and yeah all this in 25 man. As the time flew away in Icecrown citadel I decided to try something new, that's when I leveled up my lovely rogue, Chamzze. Something happend at that time in Valhalla and people really started to slack off with the dps so I gave my Chamzze a shot and went straight to Top 5. A couple weeks later I was the top dps and I was in the top on every fight. But still we didn't come any further, Valhalla stopped at 11/12 25 normal and 8/12 10 hc. Our GM took everything and stopped playing so I changed guild immediately to a guild called Carrion. We did amazing after the summerbreak, after the first raid we killed 9/12 hc 25 and once again I was in the top of the dps meters. Sadly I decided to quit wow because of school so that lead to something that you're not allowed to do, oh yeah I sold my account. Couple of months later I bought a new account from a friend of mine just to try out Cataclysm.


Cataclysm came and I changed total direction, went from tank to dps to a freaking resto druid. I loved healing 4.0, that was so much fun and I still played Carrion then. But once again the GM came weeks and weeks unprepared to raids so the core members decided to leave and start up a guild, they called it Purple. They brought me to Purple and we had a blast, we killed 5/13 hc, until I once again decided to quit Wow for school. And once again I did something very naughty, I sold my account. I quit Wow for good. UNTIL my freaking pal freaking mindfucked(excuse my language) for two whole weeks during my vacation in Alanya, he told me how good everything was etc etc, so yeah I just couldn't stand his voice anymore, so I leveled up a rogue, Chamze, worgen. I joined Apathy and I entered my first FL run during hc progress, with 353 ilvl, dafuq. But they believed in me and I did great(don't mean to brag ) and we killed Majordomo hc that night(I know rite, lucky charm). We never managed to kill Ragnaros 25 hc during 4.2 but the day after 4.3 released we went into FL and killed him... As I mentioned Dragon Soul were released and it took us about 1½ raid to clear the first 8 in normal. Everything went smooth, we killed Ultraxion pre-nerf and I think we killed Spine hc with 5% nerf and Madness hc 10%(we killed madness one week after our spine kill). All this in 25 man.

3. Provide an armory link to your character and a wowhead link to your normal raiding spec. ... e/advanced

4. What do you think about beginning raids early and staying beyond the required raid times to down new content? I really don't like starting raids early because my mom needs to buy me a big mac first, otherwise I can't perform.

5. Post a Wow Meter Online / World of Logs of a few recent raids in your guild. If your guild does not run these, post a screenshot(s) of your recount for some boss encounters. (DO NOT LEAVE THIS OUT)

6. Post a screenshot of your UI while in a raid environment (in combat). (Give a list of any relevant addons not shown.) Also, list your sklls and keybinds that you use for said skills. This is a pretty old pic, it's from when I used to play druid but I still use the same UI.

D. Dual Spec

1. What is your secondary spec?
Combat, derp.

2. Are you willing to change your main spec and/or secondary spec for guild needs? Of course.

E. Professions

1. If you have a gathering profession/non-optimal race, what is stopping you from changing it to benefit you more? I don't have it.

F. Other Questions

1. What guild are you currently in? Who is/was the GM? Include their website.
I'm not in any guild at the moment.

2. Why are you leaving your current guild?
Well I was stupid for leaving to a guild with four rogues already, the guild I used to play in was Scrubbusters and that is a really really nice guild but I was stupid for applying to that guild.

3. Are you able to take and improve upon harsh criticism?
Please no such words as spastic, that I can't handle. Otherwise yeah I think so.

4. There will be Bench time. Everyone will have to sit at one point in time or another. Are you okay with this? I guess everybody has to do it sometimes..

5. How did you hear about Apathy? (Name the site(s), people, et cetera)
I found you on wowprogress.

6. Why are you interested in joining Apathy? do you have anyone in Apathy that can vouch for you? Sorry, I don't know anyone in Apathy :(

7. What are the other guilds you applied to? Any particular reason why you are shopping for multiple guilds? keep in mind we do have very good contacts in other guilds, your omission on certain information may be held against you. Well I applied to a new guild formed by someone calling himself Fire or something like that, the guild name is Parks. I guess I need to stay honest.

8. If your application is accepted. What kind of raider can we expect you to be? Give a brief description of your attitude towards raiding in both progression and farm content. Whats preventing your level of play to decline during the farm period? I'm a good player, always serious, never joking around and after raids I log on my alts to level them.

9. Our raiding schedule is 1900 to 2300 server time on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Which of these days can we expect you to raid consistently? (Note: as we only raid 3 days a week, if you can raid all 3 days you have much better odds of joining us.) Suits me!

G. Self Analysis

1. Compare yourself to one or more of our current raiding member of similar spec/role. Why do you deserve a spot over that individual? Well I don't know anyone of your rogues so I can't really compare myself to them '-'

You can find our World of Logs page here for an easier time comparing yourself with a current raiding member.
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Strawberreh » Mon Nov 26, 2012 2:58 am

Silly Chamze :lol:
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Mizzt » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:00 am

A terminator in your fuzzy port.
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby sanji » Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:18 am

your dps is kinda shit
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby alvi » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:34 am

I say - give him trial if he is OK with going combat all fights all the time! I heard cleaves are najs!
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Terrag » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:29 am

Using the underscore on almost everything doesn't make you score in general. Plus, it hurts my eyes!

Declined, imo.

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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby actz » Mon Nov 26, 2012 3:40 pm

ooh lala Chamze <3
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Kuth » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:05 pm


Can you elaborate a bit on your guild history in Mists of Pandaria?
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Re: Chamze, Assassination rogue.

Postby Aratho » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:19 pm

Needs more underline.
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