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Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Ipalla » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:15 pm

Hello, Ipalla here: Application for Guild Recruitment

Name: Jørgen Anda (Jorgen Anda) > Ipalla
Age: 16 – However, I do reach higher requirements then players from my own age.
Location: Norway – East
Email: Personal: | InGame:
Battle.Net: ... a/advanced

General about me: InGame
I have been in many guilds, and I have been guild master in most of them. More about this will come. Normally, leaving my own guild is something I would not prefer to do, neither to change server, but if you can offer me more than my guild can, I will be pleased to change.
I am tank, and I have written quite a lot about why, and why I like to be tank. Also to make myself more useful, I have decided to gear up an DPS off spec, if the current main tank already don’t have one.
I use a lot of addons, and ofc I got DBM. All addons that can help me in any way during raids, will be tried, and I do use all those that I like, since my computer can handle it easy.
I have been gemming and enchanted after what I think will be best for me and the healers in the raid. Also used some guides like armory, to se Paladin Tanks who are from top 10.
To have a look on my UI you can check this video;
Please notice that this video was mainy made for one specific guild, but I use it now as a main video to show my tanking. Also note that there is a spelling mistake on 0.45. It says I tried to get WoG up, but it's supposed to be WoL.
Also not using my shield here, cause I did not update my macros after they were deleted, and one of those macros to automatically use sacred shield together with shield of the rightous, witch is going to keep it up 100% without having to even think about it.

Moving: Thumb on A S D Fingers on 1 2 3 – Make me able to attack, and move at the same time, while also using the mouse to run forwards. Got it from PvP, but I find it really useful for PvE as well.
1 2 3 4 – Main abilitys that im using all the time, having shield (pulling) hammer (AoE & holy power) and judgement (Holy power) on 1 2 and 3, and got righters on 4, to spend my holy power for damage, and keep my shield up. This make it really easy for me to do my rotation without having to look on my keys, or ability bars, make me able to focus on everything else that is happening.
Q & E – WoG and Taunt, this is the 2 button that are easiest for me to quickly tap, cause of the way I hold my hand on the keys, causing instant high selfhealing, or instant Taunt much easier for me. This two abilitys are most important, and I need to make sure I can use them instantly, that is the reason for why I have them here.
F R Caps 5 – This is abilitys that are less important, since I find it hard to click this buttons. Not “hard”, but it takes time. And with time I Don’t mean like a second or so, but a lot longer than it take to tap 1 2 3 Q E if you know :) Here I use abilitys such as Hammer of Wrath, trinket (im human) AoE stun, speed of light, and single-target stun.
Naga: Here I have binded more abilitys that I use during combat. 1 2 3 got abiliys such as consencration, holy wrath, and Light’s hammer, wich are all AoE, and longer CD, or in case with holy wrath, less used. Consencration is an ability that I try to keep up at all time, for max aoe dps on trash, and to easier keep agro, and Lights hammer is an abilty that I use as opener on trash. Wrath is when I don’t have anything else.. or to stun demons/undead
Naga side button: this is buttons that I find really easy to tap, but cause lose of control over my mouse, since it moves the mouse to the side, and I have to move my finder back. Here I got the biggest emergency cooldown. Lay on Hands, causing it to be easy for me to instant heal me if I almost die, and after using it, I got enough time to set my mouse back after saving my own life and prevent a wipe.. maybe…
Naga 4 6 My 5 button dose not work, cause my NumPad button 5 dose not count as anything. don’t use 5 anyway, that’s why I use 4 and 6. On this buttons I got the biggest cooldown, such as guardian, and defender. Defender is an ability that I keep ready at all time, since it saves my life if I die, causing me to heal 15% of my health instead of death, and guardian is just awesome! Also got interrupt ability on middle mouse button, making it easy to interrupt, and this is also something I got form my days in PvP, so I got interrupt on middle on all of my chars.
Middle Bar: I got a huge bar of abilitys on the middle of my screed, with high scale, were I place emergency abilitys, and all my cooldowns on a row, making it easy for me to see what’s up and what’s not, give me more time to focus on Tanking.
Just as a reminder; I do have a really good mic for communication, but it fucks up from time to time making me sound like a robot. Easy enough, turn the mic Off and On will fix it, so its not a huge problem.

I am a funny guy, love to troll around and make jokes, and also make peoples laugh. However, I am also a really serious person when it comes to raids!

Expected requirements:
* Be punctual in showing up for raids.
* Communication during a raid encounter is very important. You will be required to be on Team Speak or Ventrilo during raids and should be able to write/speak/understand English to a reasonable level.
* During progress raids you need to be fully awake and focused.
* You must be mature both in age and attitude and able to handle any constructive criticism directed your way.
* Be fully prepared for every raid. That means you are up-to-date on all tactics and strategies concerning the encounters planned for that raid night.
* Be on time and don't AFK needlessly (there are breaks once or twice during a raid).
* Optimal gemming, enchanting and knowledge of your class' latest theory developments.
* The ability to learn from your mistakes, we are all human and even the most skilled player can make a mistake once in awhile. However, the difference is that a skilled player can adapt and is unlikely to make the same mistake again.

This is the requirement I expect you to expect from me, and I expect from the guild, to have this kinds of requirements, and/or even more. I do reach this requirements and also even more.

I also see that you expect a screenshot of either recount, or WoL. As im tank, I don’t think a recount is needed, but I can honestly say that I averagely take less damage then the other tanks, reason is that I use my shield of the righteous on specific times, to take 55% less physical damage.

Also you asked about professions. JC / ENCH since that is the 2 professions that are most needed, and I really fucking cba farming.. making gold on ah.

Some other questions you wanted me to answer, will be answered here, or later in the app;
My last guild was Exception, with a guildmaster named Brabasion..? or something like that.. we just call him brab.

Why I want to leave this guild?
The reason why I want to leave, is mentioned, but its simply because I don’t like the guildmaster, and the server is low poped.. really really fucking dead.

Where I found you?
I found you on

Why I want to join?
I want to join you, because you are one of the few 25 man raid guilds that have good progress, and fit for my raid times.

Looking for many guilds?
Well, I did last time, when I were looking for the first guild. Applied to as many as I could, to get more responds.
At this point, I have been looking for several guilds, and asked a few questions, and I found this one to be nice. Not applied to any other guilds yet, but I have been asking many other guilds about why they need me, to give me an reason to apply.
So this time, no, only applying here.

If I get accepted, what kind of raider can u expect me to be?
Well hard question to be honest, cant really imagine from your point of view, but im going to be that active guy, who do everything I can to improve the guilds progress. Also supplying the guild with needed gear improvements, for free. Also, spending gold to max out my preformats is an ofc from me, I have money, so I spend it.

The raid times?
As said just above, I were looking for a guild that also fit for my raid times, so I will be coming for every single raid, if there is nothing really important that steps in my way. Most likely going to be showing up for 95-100% or more. Most likely every raid.

Compare myself with ur raiders? Well that was my question. Why do you need me? And as you said, one of ur tanks are messing with “lagging.” Well that’s BULLSHIT! Then quit wow, or get a better computer or internet! I have no lag, and rarely any excuses for not being able to show up.

About me:
I started to play wow just before Cata was released, and did not reach lv 85 until just before the ZA/ZG patch came out, so I have been hanging behind when it comes to gear, which means that I have not the best raid progresses, or HC achievements. However, neither have I been in a raiding guild, because I have always been that kind of player who wanted to lead everything, including guilds, and I never managed to get a decent raiding team. Reason for not managing this is simple; The first guild was just a mess, since I had no idea about running a guild. The second guild was about to start raiding, but when we finally got the team up, I decided to make a Norwegian guild with some real life friends, which made it quite hard to get a team running, cause we decided to only recruit Norwegian players, and the population on my server was not that high, made it really hard.
So the point is, I have been pugging every single raid from the very beginning, and leaded them myself. If you look on armory, you can se my progresses, but again, keep in mind that I got to lv 85 about a month before FL, and like everyone else I had to learn how to play, and lead raids. Still it did not take me long before I became quite good at leading raids. I don’t request to lead raids, quite tired of it after a year of raid leading.
The DS progress is quite bad, but the reason is that I quit PvE in February, because I got bored of DS since it was nerfed so much, and I also needed a break from raid, while thinking over that I was pugging raid every week, require a lot of time, and energy.
The progress that I am proud of, is now in MoP. The first week I made my own PuG, as I always do, and managed to defeat 2/6 bosses. My server is quite dead, so finding decent raiders there, is a real pain in the ass, also cause everyone were either lvling, or doing dailys, or whatever they do in pandaria. That is why I want to find a guild now. Here is a simple overview of the reasons;
- My server is dead
- I don’t like my current raid leader
- expect better progress then what I have now.

So an conclusion of myself; I am a Skilled Prot paladin, with experience as leader, which also tells that yes, I do have a good mic, and nice communication, which is what a tank need.
Like I said, I like to lead raids, but I don’t say that I want to be your new raid leader, but that is also why I love to be tank, since they are like the one who always go first, and got the highest responsibility in a raid.
If a healer dies, it gets heavy for the other healers until he gets a ress.
If a DPS dies, it will require more time, and damage, unless he gets a ress, which is not to dangerous for the raid to wipe.
But if a Tank dies, its mostly a wipe, since the boss will wank the rest of the raid before we get the tank up, which make tanking a really responsible class, and that’s also the reason why I chose to be one!
I do make mistakes, but I learn from all of them. And what I have always said in my raids; Sure. Do a mistake. Do as many as you want, but do NOT make the SAME mistake TWICE!
Also I always make sure to know tackts for all of the bosses that I expect to kill, and also basics for even more, in case.

I have been in search for a guild who are good, skilled, and with a decent progress, who are in need of tanks. That have been a challenge for me, since either do they mostly need DPS, or they are crap, got no desent raiders, and are in search for everything. I don’t want to start low, I want to go straight into the hall of fame, were all the good guys are. And also actually be PROUD of being in my guild!
Early progress in heroic raids is my dream.. to be one of the first guilds, or player to have heroic gear, and get comments like, wow nice gear… and stuff like that.
I love raid, and I also really like PvP. During the DS patch, I quit PvE and started with PvP, which also gave me a lot of experience as Holy Paladin PvP, and if your guild got a RBG team, well im down for that. Would made the guild perfect for me.

Real Life:
I do set RealLife in front of WOW, but at the same time I won’t skip any raid that I already have signed to. However, I do go to college, and the school is quite far away from where I live, so I really prefer to either raid in the weekends, or stop the raid about 23.00 since I have to wake up 06.30. (InGame server time)

Raid Times:
I would love to raid on fridays and saturdays, but weekday raiding might work aswell. In the weekdays i pref to end about 23.00, cause i have to wake up early, but londer raids might be considered.

Thank You!

Jorgen Anda – Ipalla

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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Kuth » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:25 pm

Okay. But that isn't our template.
It's okay if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Aratho » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:25 pm

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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Derrik » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:26 pm

nice copy-paste, how about you use our template like we told you to..?
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Kuth » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:31 pm

Also, what is your actual raiding experience? No, LFR doesn't count.
It's okay if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Ipalla » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:56 pm

Derrik, that is my app.. i dont make a new one for every guild. been reading trough it and made quite many changes.

Also read trough the tempblade many times, and you can find everything u need in the app.

If you REALLY want me to make one, going step by step, following the tempblade, then i will do it later.

Make an conclution, or ask if u want a new one, following the tempblade. will do it tomorow.
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Ipalla » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:57 pm

kunt, i wrote about previous raid experience, and my current raid experience can be found in the link. Also wrote some about the first experience in MoP
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Kuth » Tue Dec 11, 2012 6:59 pm


You know, little things.
It's okay if you disagree with me. I can't force you to be right.
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby Derrik » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:03 pm

Stop being lazy and use our template then, this is kind of pathetic since you cant seem to follow simple instructions. Makes me think that raiding isnt the right thing for you considering you probably wont be able to follow even simple tactics on bosses and rather do your own thing.
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Re: Ipalla Paladin Tank Application!

Postby slashi » Tue Dec 11, 2012 7:04 pm

slashi wrote: As it stands you won't get in Ipalla, you need to make a proper application, using the template that is in our application forums. If you want us to take you seriously you will follow this, even then, you are NOT guaranteed a spot unless we see you fit for the guild. That's how it works.
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