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Who Apathy is. [READ Before applying]

Who Apathy is. [READ Before applying]

Postby slashi » Sun Feb 13, 2011 5:33 pm

Apathy is a raiding guild on The Maelstrom alliance side.

We're a 25 man raiding guild, with intentions of raiding at a high level. So far we've collected a strong core group, many of which have experience of playing in top guilds, however we lack some necessary additions if we are to proceed in the right direction.

Our goals are realistic. We're aiming to raid 3 days a week for the time being. This may sound casual, but this does not mean we are taking members of a mediocre level. We wish to make effective use of the three days that we raid without going stressing over the need to progress at the same rate as some of the more hardcore guilds. If you consider yourself in this category, Apathy may very well be the correct guild for you.

What we expect from you;

-Be a strong player. You must be the type of player who constantly criticises yourself to make sure you're keeping up with the correct way your class is meant to be played. Class changes happen often, and this may make alterations to your cycle and/or gear. If someone else in the guild is outperforming you, don't be shy. Step up and have a discussion with them, find out what they're doing differently from you.

If you are constantly at the lower end of the meters, or are making the same mistakes repeatedly, you won't be kept around for long.

-The correct attitude. A mature player is what we're looking for, and you should treat others with the same respect you wish in return. Remember your guild mates are not your enemies, they are on the same team as you are. Joking towards one another is entirely permitted, and if you are unable to take abuse or jokes of any form at your expense, Apathy is probably not the guild for you.

In addition to this; whining will not be tolerated. We expect you to see things from the guild's perspective as a whole. We're not a boat that sails merely for you to pick up some new pixels. Not getting every piece of loot you want and sitting out of raids may be something you have to put up with.

Moreover, we expect you to be able to cope with criticism. Equally, if you can give criticism back in a constructive manner, this is even better. We're human and we learn from our mistakes. Criticism is a fast way to fix things like issues in our execution. It is extremely important that you take what people say with a pinch of salt, and we expect during progress raids where there is more pressure involved, things will be be more intense and things may sound harsher than intended.

Lastly, we expect you are able to both understand and speak the English language. Being able to articulate what you are thinking is compulsory if we are going to proceed together as a team.

Note: Don't whisper officers how to answer each and every individual question about your application, as you are writing your application. We would prefer to hear your interpretation of the questions.

Also, if you do not wish to post your application publicly, you are more than welcome to PM one of the following officers with your application; Plekz, Thalarius, Slashi or Níen.
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